Myra Ancient City


Myra (Demre) is always known as one of the most important cities of Lycia. The earliest coins are from the 3rd century BC. The century is dated. But the city was at least the 5th century BC. It is estimated that it was founded in the century. During the period of Roman rule, the developed and enriched urbanites of Myra generously provided financial assistance to civic projects. Before you leave the Port of Andriake to go to Pol Rome, m.S. 6. He visited the city in the century. During the Byzantine period, Myra was an important administrative and religious center. St. Mary's in Myra, which is also the Episcopal seat Nicholas IV. he served as bishop at the turn of the century.; he endeared himself to the people, suffered a lot for his faith. Myra has always been a place with a cross road since then. In this regard, Demre has attracted the attention of the Christian world in all respects. It has become customary to hold Santa Claus events on December 6 each year. Many of the ruins expected to remain from an important city such as Myra are not visible in Demre today. What Remains of the largest theater in Lycia is still standing today, and it is also the best preserved theater in Lycia. 29 seating rows and a capacity of 9-10 thousand spectators, the theater is leaning against the hill. Even today it is sometimes used for festivals and games.

Myra metropol contains important examples of Lycian tombs of various types. The theatre is divided into east and west metropolises and is set on a rocky hill rising behind Myra. The rocks were carved and the tombs were decorated with reliefs and inscriptions. Another important relic is St. It is the Church of Nicholas. The church today is 7 m. it is below ground level. St. The bones of Nicholas were found in a marble tomb inside the church. But some bones were stolen by the Italians and smuggled to Bari. A Russian Prince restored the Church in 1862, and St. Nicholas is considered very sacred in Russia. The Russians added a church bell and replaced the dome with a medicine vault. St.The children of Nicholas are patron saints of seamen and hard-working workers. As it is known, the whole world is the Santa Claus of its children.

July 6, 1968, with the merger of 4 neighbourhoods, Demre became a municipality; July 4, 1987, it became a district with the name of Kale.the district became a village with the name of Eynihal for the first time in 1904, when it became a village with the name of Eynihal. The district was renamed Demre in 2005.


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