Historical Lycian way

The walking route, starting from Fethiye and extending to Antalya, was created by marking and mapping some of the paths in the Teke peninsula, which is called Lycia in history. The Lycian Way, which started its work in 1992, was opened in 1999 by Kate Clow.

It is located near Patara Port and was founded in 1994 by Prof. Dr. In an inscription called Stadiasmus Patarensis translated by Sencer Şahin, it is stated that Lycia was a Roman State in 43 AD and lists 69 roads and 53 cities in the region.

It is cited as one of the top 10 long distance walking routes in the world by various sources. Located Gelidonya Lighthouse Trails has selected Turkey's most beautiful views over the landscape in 2007. In addition, the first underwater excavation in the world where a whole ship can be excavated was carried out in the American Bay, which can be seen from this region.

Accommodation is available in the settlements on the track. The entire track is marked and maintained by sponsor organisations and volunteers.

On the first part of the Lycian Way, there is Uzunyurt (Faralya) Village, Dodurga Village, Sdyma, Pinara - Letoon - Xanthos cities and Patara, an old harbour area with its fine sands. The second part includes Antiphellos, Apollonia, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Rhodiapolis, Gagai, Melanippe, Gelidonia, Edrassa, Olympos, Chimaera and Phaselis.

Olympos-Musa Mountain-Lost City Track

Starting from Olympos and ending at the summit of Mount Musa (780 m), the round trip is a 5-hour track. At the summit of Mount Musa, you will see the completely unspoiled ruins of the historical city of Olympos, one of the first settlements of the Lycian's, and you can take a break in the Adrasan landscape.

Olympos-Chimera-Ulupinar Track

An enjoyable track that starts from Olympos and passes through Chimera and ends in Ulupinar, famous for its plane trees, streams and trout restaurants. It is a 5-hour track.

Olympos-Adrasan Track

On this track of the Lycian Way, climb to the summit of Mount Musa, visit the Lost City and complete the walk on the Adrasan coast. It is a 7-hour track.

Olympos-Paradise Track

It is a short course with interesting views, passing through the hidden historical buildings of Olympos and continuing from the beach. The hike passes by the flat walls discovered and climbed by rock climbers and ends in the forest overlooking the Genoese Bay.

Karaoz-Adrasan Track

It is one of the most beautiful tracks that pass by the famous Gelidonya Lighthouse, accompanied by 5 beautiful Islands and sea views. It takes 7 hours.


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Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way Historical Lycian way