Adrasan is a place famous for its big fish. Those who want to catch fish such as the biggest fish of the Mediterranean, Akya, Grouper, Lahos, Sinarit, Tuna come here from all over the world. Those who are interested in fishing know that this is the greatest cure for stress, this enjoyable pursuit. You will enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Adrasan and its surroundings, its hills covered with pine trees and bays while wandering around with your fishing line hanging on the sea. When you feel the power of the fish at the end of your fishing line and start the struggle, you will see how a real struggle will be. The pleasure you will get while watching the fish you buy on the boat will remain the best moments of your holiday. Are you ready for a natural and enjoyable struggle with local fishing methods? Fish in Adrasan and really delicious; Leer, Lamb, Sea Bream, Sword fish, Swallow, Colios, Lagos, Coral, Tuna, Toric, Bonito, Baracuda, Iskaroz, Garfish, Coral and Sinarit fish. In places where streams meet with the sea, sea bass, mırmır and gray mullet are found especially in winter.


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