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You can either participate in daily boat tours departing from Adrasan beach and tour the beautiful beaches, or we can arrange a private boat only for you and do suitable boat tours with your family and friends with participation of 5-15 people. There are two options for those who participate in daily boat tours from Adrasan. The first is in the direction of Cape Gelidonya and Beş islands, where the Phoenician wreck, which sank 3300 years ago, was located by the American marine scientist George Bas. The other is the Sazak and Porto Ceneviz bays tour, which is in the opposite direction of this tour. First we go to the first one, to Suluada near Gelidonya Cape. The first stop is Suluada. Although it is a small island, water that is cold in summer and winter comes out of the island. On the island, which is the shelter of Mediterranean monk seals, fishermen say that they mostly see seals living in colonies in winter. Along the way, the dolphins show that they accompany those on the boat, even if they are far away. After about 1 hour of travel, we move to the far side of Suluada and anchor at the cyan-colored beach made of small white pebbles. With snorkel and goggles, you dive into the bottom of the sea and quench your curiosity, swim from boat to beach, from beach to boat, and feel your appetite is whetted by the effect of fresh air. At noon, the smells of fish, chicken, grilled meat and sizzling mingle. Breads are cut, seasonal salads are made, lemons are divided, golden-yellow potatoes are fried. At this point, you get out of the sea with your tanned skin, which has taken its share from the sea with a very high salt content, like the glass skin of a drum, and cool off in a shady part of the boat. You take the prepared meals on your plate and start eating with cold drinks on the boat, which is sweetly swinging like a cradle. During this pleasure, which you will definitely not find in 5 star restaurants, you close your eyes for a moment and start to think that this is the real holiday. When you throw the remaining breadcrumbs into the sea at the end of the meal, hundreds of fish collected are enough to turn the sea into an aquarium. In the afternoon rest and swimming breaks, there is also the opportunity to take a hot sand cure in the sandy areas on the beach. Boats, anchoring from the beach and moving parallel to the left of Suluada, arrive at a tunnel at the water level of the island where boats can pass. This surprising surprise of nature reveals the relationship between the sea and the rock. Just across Suluada is another stopover, "Kelleci Bay". In this bay, which is frequently visited by yachts, it is possible to see the fresh water sources filtered from the rocks. You can swim from the coarse-grained sandy beach and eat chilled watermelons cut on boats during the break here. As we return towards 18:00, the trip ends with the last swimming break at the mouth of Adrasan bay upon request.


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