Arykanda Ancient City

Arykanda is an ancient city located near the town of Finike in Antalya. It is an archaeological site close to the Aykırıçay neighborhood of the Arif village, which is located exactly half of the Elmalı - Finike highway. It is known that Arykanda, which is a local name in terms of philology, is an old settlement, because there is no information based on archaeological and written sources belonging to the first settlement period. Based on the 'Anda' supplement, it can be said that this city has existed since 2000 BC. It is known that the natives of the time called Arykanda 'Arykawanda'. In the excavations of the ancient city of Arykanda, Prof.Dr. Cevdet Bayburtluoğlu has contributed a lot. Ankara University faculty member Prof. Dr. The city, which is identified with Cevdet Bayburtluğlu, allows us to visit the most beautiful cities of the historical Lycia (Land of Light) region, thanks to his archaeological studies. On one of the top terraces of Arykanda, there is a single-sided seating, a stadion that takes the form of a trapezoid after a certain section of the running track. There is a small but well preserved theater on the terrace below the stadium, which is connected to the terraces below by the stairs close to the middle. There is an odeon and a stairway leading to it on the lower terrace of the theater. The portico in front of the Odeon surrounds the agora by making an angled letter U. In Arykanda, the necropolis covers several times the area occupied by official and private buildings. Apart from the vaulted grave rooms in the necropolis, sarcophagi are also found. There is a large bathhouse standing up to the second floor on the lowest terrace of the tomb buildings, which serve as terraces to each other. One of the most interesting ruins of the city is the waterways on the rock face where the Aykırıçay spring is located.


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Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City Arykanda Ancient City